The Last Night of My Old Life…

Well Hello!  This is My Very First Blog….and My Very First Blog Post.  And I think I’ll tell you ALL about my latest adventure….that happened to me just last night.  It’s CRAZY!  We’ll at least for me it was….I had to Call 911!

SO FIRST here is just a little bit about me and my situation right now.  I’m Tracey and I’m 29 years old.  I thought my EX BF was the one…but I’m not into marriage.  After 5 years together me and My BF decided we wanted a baby.  So Just before my 26th Bday I delivered my Daughter Bridget.  But things with South Shortly after she was born…the place he worked went out of business…we argued more…bla bla bla….He started cheating.  So around Bridget’s 1st bday we were pretty much broken up.  THEN just before Bridget’s 3rd Birthday I met Daniel on POF online Dating app that I had just downloaded on a whim.  He was great we got along dated for about a year and a half.  He was the change I thought I needed.  Daniel was Quiet and in his “Old Man” stage.  He just wanted to Work and Relax.  So He worked and we relaxed.  Mini Vacations to Vegas, San Diego, Cambria.  After a year of dating he started staying at my house regularly pretty much moved in.  So we Ended up adopting a Dachshund (the worst dog ever).  This dog puts us on the fast track to our break up and that Leads Us to last night!

It happened quick!  I don’t even remember how it started.  I remember he said we needed to talk but he was too tired to talk so we’d talk in the morning.  Then suddenly we were talking.  He was always complaining how he hated his job and I would say then look for another no point in staying in a profession if you’re miserable.  AND he was miserable Complained EVERY day about it Literally.  Anyways SO he mentions that I don’t work…last bf always said this too….for the record I DO work.  I own a Fashion Boutique that I run with my mom and I’m always doing something online (currently it’s Poshmark).  I make the same monthly wages as he was…I just got to make my own schedule up.  That made him jealous (also made my last bf jealous).  Anyways after 2-3 min of “talking” it’s clear were over each other.

SO here is the GOOD part…the DRAMA!  He gets up to grab the dog and I said “NO you’re not taking the dog.  It was a gift you bought for ME”.  Also my daughter enjoys the dog.  I won’t say she’s attached to the dog but she knows we have him and she plays with him.  SO I wanted a couple days to keep the dog and explain to her and/or make up a story about the dog having to go bye bye.  This dog is a Nightmare…I’m not attached to him because he pees, chews, barks, digs, runs, poops, etc.  any bad trait a dog can have he has.  But Daniel Loves the dog…SO I’m fine if he wants the dog…i just wanted a couple days do work it out with my daughter.  Daniel is dead set on leaving with the dog last night.

So He goes to grab the dog but I get the dog first.  Daniel Grabs me…he’s being rough.  I don’t remember ALL the details.  Adrenaline, Shock, Surprise…I’ve never been in this situation before.  I remember I was running around my tiny room.  Daniel Pulling me Around eventually pinning me on the bed…I have to kick him off.  I kept saying “don’t you hurt me” and Daniel said he’d “fuck me up” and he had his fist up.  I grabbed my phone and said I’ll call 911.  He told me to go ahead SO I did!  I’ve never BEEN in this situation!  The minute 911 answered he immediately went outside.  I locked the doors.  He paced outside my door for an hour…that’s how long it took the police to show up.

The Rest was boring…the police basically just babysat him while he collected his belonging from the house.

I still have the dog…but Daniel did Text Me “So unless you’re going to make arrangements to give me my dog back don’t call or text me”.   WELL DUH!  I’m not going to psycho!

However I’m not really sure I want to keep this dog.  And Daniel Loves it so He should have the dog.  BUT Like I told Daniel He owe’s me about $500 for some stuff like his mom’s mother’s day gift.  Work clothes I put on my target card for him…and some Vegas Gambling money I loaned him.  When I get that back he’s free to take the dog.  Except he went Batshit crazy last night so pretty sure that is now out the window.  I’m not call or texting to make arrangements and I’m pretty sure he’ll never contact me.

Time to put Donald (the dog) into Training Classes.


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